After play with Hankil and Patterson

Lee Patterson's setup and hand whilst sound checking at The Eagle Inn.
Lee Patterson’s setup and hand whilst sound checking at The Eagle Inn.

Yesterday was a great evening that I enjoyed a lot: fantastic sets by Ryu Hankil and Lee Patterson. Ryu went for an electronic saw like sound with really loud peaks and weird and interesting rythms of its own. Lee’s setup was fantastic and very natural and organic in a way (although I kind of hate to use this words): fantastic sounds extracted from small and delicate objects.

However, the great one for me was the trio that we played to finish the Evening. Really energizing, intense and careful playing. Or so I’ve been thinking since yesterday. We have a recording so I’ll have to check later this week if this matches reality.

Dia X menos 60 releases single



Dia X menos 60 are a “band with a chaotic spirit and extraterrestrial soul” that have just released a new single on their bandcamp that I mastered. Enjoy!!


“estaba en llamas / el salvaje abandono” to be released!


This is the first Elvis Negro album, and I had the honor to record and mix it. It will be available on streaming on the 16th of september and the 22th on vinyl and CD.

Listen to it: